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Jon Smith is here with some fun and engaging ideas to help you through to the end of the year.

It’s that time of year when teachers and students have begun to hit their limits. The stress of returning to school, state testing, as well as the anxiety of a quickly approaching summer break has many students and teachers on edge. As a former special education teacher and technology integration specialist I know this is the time of year when teachers are looking around for activities that will engage their students.

Don't worry, I'm here to help!

I have a few ideas that I feel will help you and your students use Book Creator in a fun and engaging way while addressing many of your current curriculum goals. All of the books shared below are downloadable into your own library. From there you can have your students make a copy and edit that book.

How to copy books

Activity Book

About a year ago we came out with our Book Creator Activity book. The activity book is filled with simple activities for your students to complete.

It reminds me of the family road trip when I was a kid. I always looked forward to family road trips and could almost guarantee that we would stop at a gas station. There, on the shelf next to the register, were activity books to help pass the time.

With the Book Creator activity book students can complete these fun activities after testing is over for the day, or even as an activity to do at home with the family.

Add template to your library

Psst... don't want this book in English? We also have versions in French, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, Danish and Indonesian!

SEL Books

It’s been a year. The pandemic has hit every corner of the globe and this has contributed to a wide range of emotions. With the return to school emotions are all over the board. We created two activity books for your students to use in order to help them come to grips with their emotions, feelings and more.


With students around the world participating in school in a variety of ways (remote, hybrid, in-person) it’s hard to have that sense of connectedness. It’s the perfect time of year to use Book Creator to create a digital yearbook. It’s even better when that yearbook can be collaborative where each student/family is able to add their own information to a page about them. Take a look at our yearbook template and let the ideas fly.

You'll find the Yearbook template in the Templates section after you click New Book (see video below). Alternatively, you can add the whole template book to your library in English or Spanish.

Hopefully the activities listed above will give you and your students plenty of things to do as the year comes to a close. Of course, those aren’t the only activities your students can do. I’m sure you have plenty of ideas of your own. Below are a few extra ideas that came to mind when I thought of things I might want students to do as they prepare for summer.

⛱ Summer plans - Students describe their summer plans. Maybe they share where they are going on vacation, summer job opportunities, goals for the summer and more.

🤔 School year reflection - Have students reflect on the past year. What was successful? What wasn’t? What was their favorite subject and why? Make sure they make use of audio and video for reflection as well as just text.

🎯 Goals for next year - Now that the school year is coming to a close, what are the student goals for next school year? Maybe they want to improve their writing. Maybe they want to get better at math. Maybe they just want to return to school.

Beyond that, you might also consider running a competition for your class (this could be a super-engaging thing to do - and we've got some guidelines to help you get started with this). Or perhaps you want to explore writing a book collaboratively - this could be a great exercise to help kids feel connected and build 21st century skills.

I look forward to hearing how you are using these ideas in your classroom! Have a great day and happy book making.

Check out our webinar recording below where we showed these SEL books, Activity Book and Yearbook template in action ⬇️

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